TV and Film

Samples of a few original pilots and screenplays. Please contact me to read full drafts.


60 minute political fantasy drama

  • Logline: Kasmer Strout is next-in-line to lead Reavan, a magical melting pot nation. Then a murder unravels his plans, forcing him to seek unlikely allies in a battle against power-hungry rival Warlocks.
  • Pitch bible available

The Conversos

60 minute historical drama

  • Logline: A Jewish father and son join the army to hide from Spanish Inquisitors. But no matter how far they travel — from Columbus’ expedition to Ponce De Leon’s search for the Fountain of Youth, they can never leave their past behind.

Heroes for Sale

22 minute animated fantasy (ages 7-12)

  • Logline: Three unemployed heroes find themselves overrun with quests after the kingdom’s most infamous villains escape and a decades-long peace is broken.
  • Pitch bible available

TV Spec Scripts

Bob’s Burgers: “Grease-crossed Lovers”



Comedy Feature

  • Logline: A longtime child therapist opens up an ice cream store, only to discover that running your own business isn’t so sweet. To keep her dream alive, she’ll have to fend off competitors, bribe drug dealers, and sabotage a trampoline park.
  • Semi-finalist in the Scriptation contest