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Heavy Lifting: Meta-Responsibilities of a Game Writer

Behold, the game writer’s fundamental paradox: Many people don’t play games for story, meaning game writers can’t assume universal interest in the game’s story and must write for multiple audiences. In no other media does a writer serve more roles than in a video game, meaning story often is secondary to other responsibilities. I want […]

The Undertow Mindset: Lessons for Coping with the Coronavirus

A job teaching English at a high school in Tokyo. Excellent pay — and plenty of time to finish my novel. Although the school year didn’t start until September, I’d gone early to improve my Japanese. I met some new friends. We went out to bars and sang karaoke until three in the morning. Moving […]

Invisible Blockers: Hidden Obstacles to Storytelling in Video Games

Invisible blockers are everywhere in video games. Blockers are designed to prevent you from going somewhere that might get you into trouble. Could be an area you’re not leveled-up enough to explore. Or just the edge of a level. We’ve all had that experience before — wanting desperately to explore an area in a game, […]