Hi, I’m Danny.

Originally I’m from Gainesville FL. My undergrad was at Oberlin College, and I’ve been fortunate to work with National Book Award-winner Tim O’Brien at Texas State for my M.F.A. and Warren Spector at the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy. Currently I’m a writer at Gearbox Software.

I’m a writer.

I write stories, video games, and novels. I also love to travel. My South American adventures were recorded in a nonfiction book, The Israeli Trail, and I wrote a comedic travel blog called Defender of the Meek on my times in Southeast Asia. I’ll be posting some interactive fiction games at citizenstories.io soon!

Say hello.

You get can in touch by using the contact page or via Linkedin. I don’t post regularly on social media, but follow me @daniel_homan on Twitter if you’d like. I’m always interested in collaborating on an indie game or two, and I love comics.